Center for Applied Psychosomatics

Work in the fild of:

 – Freedom from psychosomatic illnesses
 – Work with Ego, with internal contradictions, freedom from internal conflicts, gaining integrity of soul and body.
 - understanding body language, studying the structure of personal motivation, the connections between settled thoughts - emotions and muscular blocks.
managing emotions through the body,
 – Improving the living tone,
 – expansion of perception
 – Modeling of instincts

Bodily-oriented training:

Determining the physical dynamics of the character structure.
Removal of bodily dysfunctions states.
Excess gipertonus and muscle tension, muscle atoniya.
Energy locks in the body.
Reducing excess bodily tension for each group of muscles, awareness of bodily sensations, softening "hard points", working with "character armor".
Back to basic human nature, exercises to access blocked energy.


A weekly seminar:

"body - thinking"

It's amazing! It turns muscles involved in thinking
Can I feel worried having my body relaxed?
Hm! With such a posture, I can not feel this emotion..
Dances, as the ancient mechanism of consciousness, the theory and practice.
Mystical heritage, ancient knowledge as applied to modern times.
Managing subpersonalities.
Who drives your body?
And more…

Training takes place in the Kaliningrad area on the shores of the Baltic Sea.